Our Firm of Global Pricing Strategy Experts

We are world class pricing strategy and execution experts for successful small and medium size companies.

We have years of pricing experience with world class Fortune-50 companies. We would like to employ our background experience to help our customers who cant afford a staff of pricing employees.

Pricing is the art and science of determining the right value for your offering. If you price too low, you are leaving money on the table. If you price too high, you are turning away your customers. For example, we had increased the Sales of a top well-known US based drugstore by $100 MM a year just by improving pricing.

With our expertise in pricing and profit strategies, change management and technology, Pricing Advisors is set up to help you get immediate and lasting results for your business. In as little as a few weeks, we measure and provide demonstrated ROI that drives incremental and sustainable profit improvement. We bring decision-making clarity and confidence to your pricing and profit growth initiatives.

How we do it?

We will do everything for you.

  • Competitive benchmarking

    We look at your competitive landscape and see how you stack up against them. This helps us determine your pricing power, your ability to lead or need to follow the marketplace in price changes. This is critical for your price perception with your customers.

  • Promotions

    Are your promotional activities are working for you? Your promotional $$ investments should result in higher unit sales, dollar sales, margins, number of transactions and the size of the transactions. We will help you determine which ones work and which ones don’t and increase your promotional effectiveness.

  • B2B Customer discounting

    If you run a B2B business, our B2B customer discounting tool, will help you execute your pricing strategy effectively. We have different customer segments, list (full) prices, cost of goods sold, volume, relative gap between the customer segments – all in one place.

Our Pricing Advisors Leadership Team

Rajneesh Jha (Raj)

Over 15 years of comprehensive experience in developing and executing profitable product pricing strategies. Understand business operations and create analytical models to analyze and explain complicated business problems. Highly adaptable, creative and innovative, with exceptional strategic, conceptual, analytical, and execution skills. Confident, perceptive, and personable.

John VanRenterghem

Collaborative, insightful pricing expert with a career record of translating analytics to strategy and action, leveraging data and trends to drive bottom-line growth. Most notably, John has founded & directed the price revenue management strategy for Walgreens; Helped revised CVS pricing strategy; and Spearheaded pricing algorithm development for WW Grainger among others.

Amy S. Hermiller

Amy is an associate Mathematics professor, has 17 years of corporate experience running different statistical models. With a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics, she has a passion for revealing the details in data and presenting the results in informative, insightful ways to uncover areas of impactful opportunities.

Contact us

If you have any questions or consultation, please contact us at raj@pricingadvisors.com. We will provide the most requested information as soon as possible.

Leading pricing strategy consulting firms

Pricing strategy is an important thing in an organization as it helps the consulting firms to get a particular direction with a particular amount to be fixed of the products that they are going to deliver to their customers. The pricing strategy consulting firms have great responses then the other firms as they have the clear direction for them to be executed and doing their work. The people that are working in these firms have found a better way of processing and have also seen good growth rate than the normal consulting firms but as the years are passing these normal firms are shifting towards the pricing strategy based consulting firms. The pricing strategies have not only benefitted the people by making them introduced with the fixed amount but also the consulting firms by providing them the high profit with some fixed amount and the price cannot be increased.

Consult with pricing strategy consultant

The pricing strategy is something that needs proper understanding before it is implemented in the organization. If a consulting firm is implementing it without the proper knowledge about it then there are chances of heavy losses in this field. The people that are implementing it from the starting have been taking advice from the pricing strategy consultant, a person who holds good knowledge about it and holds the capability of telling all the negative and positive points about it. The pricing strategy consultant is the one who is especially appointed for the task of explaining about the things that will the consulting firm to grow after the use of these strategies and in some of the firms they are appointed as the full time employed employees because their advice is required almost every time.

Pricing Strategy consulting business

Pricing strategy is something that is implemented in different consulting firms and they are using some of the exciting things so that they can raise the money of the organization. The business growth at present is dependent somewhere on this strategy only. Pricing strategy consulting business is the best type of business as they have helped in raising the money standards for the business and this is the aim of the ideal business to provide the best of the services to their customers but at the same time earn good amount of money for the firm to expand the business and to fulfill all the needs. Pricing strategies have also improved some other things in the implementation of the business and they have added much to the growth of the organization.

Pricing Strategy Optimization under over guidance

Pricing strategies have raised the standards of the business since years and therefore there are some other things that are modified in the strategies of pricing strategy. Pricing strategy optimization under over guidance of the experts has helped the people to work with it easily as they have planned things according to them. The people that are working in this field have been doing it so that the people can get the best of the things. The people that are working over the modifications in the pricing strategy have focused their work over the improvement and especially to fill the gaps that were created by the people by not implementing things accordingly. There are the modifications which are first send to the experts for the verification, and then they are given to the owner of the firm so that they can be implemented under his guidance to raise the profit and earn some of the money for the firm benefit.

Consult with our pricing strategy experts

The people who are given the task to go through each and every aspect of the thing that is implemented under the pricing strategy are reviewed by the experts. The people that are working over the analyzing of the changes and the things that are affecting the pricing strategy in the negative manner are all done by the pricing strategy experts. They are the ones that provide the best of the advices for the organization to achieve their goals which are directly or indirectly associated with the pricing strategy. The experts have knowledge about basic to high level things and think everything. Get the best pricing strategy consulting services at best prices.